We’ve just published our article on the PDGA’s ruling on eligibility in gender-based divisions. Click this banner to read it!

Giving voice to the voiceless

Throw Proud is an outreach organization for the LGBTQIA+ community within the sport of disc golf. We exist to bring awareness of the issues our community faces within the sport, combat misinformation that has been used to justify marginalization or discrimination, and increase the visibility to those of us playing disc golf around the world today.

Our statement on the recent PDGA ruling:

The PDGA recently released restrictions on the inclusion of transgender women in the women’s protected divisions of the sport. This has been a very confusing and emotional process for everyone, even those without a direct stake in the outcome. For those of you affected by the ruling, we felt it important to let you know – you are not alone. For those of you not in the trans community, we want you to have the best resources we can provide to aid in understanding the ongoing discussion about this.  What we don’t want, however, is to leave you wanting for better information, or a response. Rest assured, we will be expanding our site over the coming days and weeks with more educational and information resources. Keep an eye on this space, and our Instagram or Facebook posts, so you won’t miss the updates as they happen!

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One of the greatest strengths of the sport of disc golf is the ability for just about anyone to pick up a disc and play. Too often, however, there are groups who are under-represented. Unnoticed. Invisible. When we, as the player base of this sport we love discount the presence of marginalized groups like the LGBTQIA+ community, or make decisions that affect them without having enough information to do so in an informed manner, we diminish our sport as a whole. The goal of Throw Proud is to speak up for the LGBTQIA+ players and TDs in the disc golf community. We’re here to provide education on how best to understand the benefits of our inclusion, and confront the large amount of misinformation that has been used to harm the sport as a whole, and our community specifically.

Throw Proud in the Open

We’re currently exploring venues and dates for a tournament we’ll be hosting! More information will be made available as we have it. Keep an eye out, Pride Month 2023!

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Throw Proud advocates and ambassadors would be more than happy to provide outreach and education services for your club, league, event, or even the PDGA itself! Fill out a request on our contact form, and we’ll get the ball rolling on how to bring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training to you!